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"This will be our second home built by T. L. Quick Construction.  We were not a part of the construction of the first home; however,  we were quite pleased with the quality of the structure.
There was never a question as to who would build our second home, and we haven't regretted that decision.   We have been totally satisfied with each and every step, including  cost estimates, change orders, sub- contractors, and scheduling.   That has been especially important to us, since we've been living 250 miles from Cody during the construction.  We've been able to trust Tom and Kevin implicitly, and  the  attention to detail has never been compromised. 

If we were to build a third home, Quick would be our builder."
- Sharon and Bill Oftedal



Upon graduation from high school, Tom Quick entered the home building arena by being a hod carrier for a Cody area stone mason. It didn’t take Tom long to realize that there was more to construction than slinging mud, so he quickly changed to framing carpentry. Now, some 36 years later, he enjoys the reputation as one of the best custom home builders in the Cody area.

Over the past 30 years, Tom has had the privilege of being the General Contractor on many fine homes of varying size and construction mediums – conventional framing, timber framing, log, log post & beam, masonry, steel and insulated panels. This wide range of experience assures you that your dream home – be it a cozy cabin in the hills or a sprawling mountain top retreat – will meet your every expectation.

In 2003 a local log home manufacturer laid off the entire crew.  Tom stepped up and hired the top hands then approached the local banks to assist them and the owners of the five structures in various stages of completion.  Tom hated hearing not only was Cody at risk of loosing talented carpenters but also the dreams of these five property owners were at risk of not having these skilled men complete their projects.  This formed Trophy Log Homes, LLC.  Eight years later housing throughout the country took a hit and it wasn’t feasible to maintain and operate two separate companies.  T. L. Quick Construction, LLC hired the Trophy Log Home, LLC talent which enabled Tom to focus all of his attention on one company while at the same time keeping the best carpenters in the Basin employed. 

The T.L. Quick Construction, LLC team of carpenters – work together with first rate sub-contractors to assure that every T.L. Quick home – regardless of size – is given the optimal attention to detail and constructed to the highest standards possible.

All of us at T.L. Quick Construction, LLC look forward to working with you to create the dream home you have always dreamed about.

The office staff includes:

Tom Quick, Manager
36 years in general construction – 30 years as a general contractor

Luan Bushta, Project Manager/Office Manager
26 years in general construction management – specializing in interior finishes

We look forward to building your next home!

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