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“Why Did They Do That?!”

“Doc Bar” was the type of structure that when you first saw it you either “got it”  or hated it!

Tom Quick had this desire to build a new home that looked like an “old home on the prairie.” To accomplish this concept, we designed a ranch style home – including a very traditional ranch style floor plan – while having current amenities such as a “high end” master bathroom; a “Jack & Jill” family bathroom; a loft office; a “high end” kitchen; a vaulted great room ceiling; and a three car garage.

To accomplish the “old” exterior look, we used the combination of design and finishes to reach our goal. First we designed the home to look like it had been added onto a number of times. Then to highlight these “added on” areas, we used reclaimed Wyoming snow fence materials as the vertical siding – as compared to the rustic, waney edge, horizontal pine siding on the main part of the house. Additionally, to enhance the “added on” concept, we changed the roof pitch of these areas and used pre-rusted “tin” as the roofing material.

Since completion it has been interesting listening to people comment about “Doc Bar.” One perspective client – who became a very satisfied client – said, “If this was west of town, I would buy it!” (Instead he had us build him a home with the same concepts and exterior finishes.) Another time a lady said to us, “Why did you move that old house into this nice sub-division?” While most have said, “I get it!” – there has been the occasional, “Wow, that’s ugly!”

So now you know why we did it!


Construction Specifications       FAQ's

(Extensive Remodel - Red Lodge, Montana)

Construction Specifications

T.L. Quick Construction, LLC takes great pride in building custom homes the old fashioned way – one home at a time. While we build that occasional spec home and light commercial project, we specialize in custom homes – be they conventionally framed homes, panel homes, log homes, masonry homes or timber framed homes. And, be the project a million dollar custom home or a small spec home – each project receives the same attention to detail and is constructed to the highest quality standards.

T.L. Quick Construction, LLC follows four important steps in our construction process to ensure that your home is constructed to the highest quality standards possible;

STEP 1: Detailed Construction Planning
Every successful project starts with detailed pre-planning and construction follow-up. Therefore we start with a thorough pre-estimating interview process – including providing you with a workbook to fill out regarding your goals, dreams and aspirations for your custom home. While it takes careful thought to complete the workbook, it provides us with needed information for putting together some preliminary plan drawings – which are needed in order to develop a reasonably accurate preliminary cost estimate. When you feel comfortable enough with the cost estimate, we have an office staff that is capable of completing the construction drawings (every completed set of drawings is reviewed by a local structural engineer), developing the interior finish schedules, completing the construction budget and then managing the construction process to see that all this preplanning comes to completion in your dream home.

STEP 2: Quality Materials
We believe that every project is only as good as the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into it. Therefore, we have a minimum standard for all materials included in your project – radon “drain” systems are supplied in all foundation systems; floor decks are constructed of either BCI or truss joist floor systems of select structural hem fir materials; “conventionally framed” perimeter wall systems are constructed with Premier Building Systems – Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP’s) creating an R=24 perimeter wall system; metal clad, low-E, casement windows; interior & structural walls are framed with “#1 premium” hem/fir studs and “Versa-Lam” or “Glulam” headers; pre-engineered roof system manufacturers are instructed to “over engineer” all roof system packages – including using only “select structural” hem fir materials; and roof system insulation is of either blown cellulose or spray-foam insulation (or a combination of both) to create a minimum R=48 insulated cavity.

STEP 3: Quality Workmanship
While T.L. Quick Construction, LLC has never been accused of having the fastest carpenters in town, we have often been credited with having some of the most talented craftsmen in town. Providing the best materials package means very little without also providing the best quality workmanship and techniques. Our carpenters are instructed never to “cut corners” in either their framing or trim carpentry. As many of our projects are constructed of pre-fabricated packages – be they SIP panels, timbers or logs – precision is of utmost importance – therefore “square & plumb” is highly stressed in every project.

STEP 4: Quality Sub-Contractors
Providing the best materials and craftsmen for your project would mean nothing without also providing the best sub-contractors Cody has to offer. Over the years therefore, T.L. Quick Construction, LLC has developed a short list of quality sub-contractors that we use over and over again. That list includes companies like Blankenship Quality Concrete, Anderson Masonry, Absaroka Plumbing, Acker Electric, Western Wood Floors, Rocky Mountain Granite, Jess’s Quality Roofing and JP Drywall to name but a few. Just as with our construction materials, we encourage all of our sub-contractors to use “above average” quality products.


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