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Meet Jim Hagstrom

For the past 10 years, Jim Hagstrom – an accomplished local artist – has “moonlighted” with T.L. Quick Construction, LLC as a carpenter and painter. Whether performing tasks as a framing carpenter, trim carpenter or painter, Jim applies the same attention to detail. It is this attention to detail that sets T.L. Quick Construction, LLC employees apart.

A recent client – who was moving here from the wheat plains of northeast Montana – asked Jim if he had ever heard of the process of pressing wheat plants into the wet plaster and removing them such as to create a unique silhouette design. Not only had Jim heard about it – he had taken it one step farther in his personal house by pressing the wheat into the wet plaster and leaving it there – then covering it with more plaster. After creating numerous “mock-up” samples for our client, they decided on using Jim’s version in their home.

Jim, together with Terry and Bruce, has turned many nice homes into spectacular homes with their innovative designs and talents. They look forward to assisting you with the final finishes of your home.


Construction Specifications       

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the average square footage costs of a T.L. Quick Construction, LLC home?

When we talk about square footage costs, we are assuming a ranch style home that ranges in the 1,600 – 3,000 square foot range. Square foot costs go up with a smaller home and down with a larger home. “Entry level” homes (carpet floors, laminate counter tops, standard doors & windows, etc.) are running in the $125.00 +/- per square foot range. “Mid-range” homes (some wood floors, hard surface counter tops, etc.) are some $25.00 - $40.00 per square foot more. “Higher-end” homes climb from there – depending on the decree of final finishes. Garages, finished bases, etc. are less costly per square foot – but needed to be added to the above costs.

Can you define “Entry Level” – “Mid-Range” – and “Higher-End” for me?

“Entry Level” would be a home with carpet/sheet goods/laminate flooring; box cabinetry; laminate counter tops; standard “paint-grade” doors; metal-clad, double-hung windows; maximum of 2 interior paint colors; steel siding/aluminum soffit; common truss roof system; etc.

“Mid-Range” would be a home that has upgraded to some wood or tile floors; custom box cabinets; some hard surface counter tops; wood doors; “hardi-plank” siding; multiple interior paint colors; some vaulted ceilings; etc.

“Higher-End” would be anything above that.

How long will it take to build my home?

While the answer is totally dependant upon the type and quality of finishes, a 1,600 sq.ft. home would probably be 5-6 months with a 2,400 sq.ft. home being some 8 months and a 3,000 sq.ft. home being a year.

Will T.L. Quick Construction, LLC be the general contractor on log packages supplied by companies other than Trophy Log Homes, LLC?

Yes, we have built log homes from packages supplied by many other log suppliers and fabricators.

What portions of my home will be completed specifically by T.L. Quick Construction, LLC employees?

Primarily we do all the framing and trim (including exterior siding & trims that are not of steel materials) portions of your project. While we also have a custom cabinet shop, some budgets require box or custom box cabinets – in which case our cabinet shop is only involved in the installation process. Likewise, while we have a small paint/stain crew, if we cannot complete the project in a timely manner, we will typically sub out some portion of the paint/stain process.

Is T.L. Quick Construction, LLC a “licensed” contractor?

While Wyoming is very loose with licensure – the City of Cody does require that any contractor building within Cody proper must have a contractor’s license. Not only has Tom taken and passed all tests necessary to receive his City license – he sits on the Contractors Board (having been president for many years) that governs building regulations within Cody. While Park County does not have any construction oversight other than for septic systems, we still build within the county to the same requirements – adjusting to snow, wind and seismic loading as necessary – as are used within the City of Cody.

“I have heard that T.L. Quick Construction, LLC does only “high end” custom homes – is that true?”

While we have been blessed with the opportunity to work for some nice clients who have had the ability to build “high end” homes, most of our homes are for very nice clients who build to standard construction finishes – from “entry level” finishes and on up. The important thing to remember here is that all of our homes are “custom” – that is built to our client’s specific needs.

“I have heard that a T.L. Quick Construction, LLC custom home would be more costly for me to build than having the same home built by another Cody area contractor – is that true?”

When built to the same quality workmanship and of the same quality materials – not necessarily! Our cost estimates take into account all items necessary for making your dream home a reality – including such items as power to the property; water needs; sewer needs; a driveway; necessary appliances; and etc. If there is an item – such as carpet – that we do not know the specifics of while preparing the cost estimate, we still include a reasonable allowance for that item. So, as with the purchase of any consumer good, it is important to be sure that estimators have covered the same bases. So, where do we come in as compared to the “average” home builder (building to lesser workmanship & quality) in Cody – typically 10% higher in immediate dollars.

Who does T.L. Quick Construction, LLC recommend as a designer for my home?

While we design in-house many of the homes we build, we are happy to work with any designer or architect of your choosing. A few of the local designers we enjoy working with include Rick Lambert of Precision Plan Design; Keith Pryor – Architect; Dawn Odasz – Odasz Design; H. Patterson Fletcher – Architect, P.A.; amongst others.

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